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Im Blickpunkt - Daniel Eggli


Die Wirkung der Skulpturen von Daniel Eggli erstaunt immer wieder. Mit wenigen Mitteln - Holz, einer Kettensäge und Farbe bringt er uns zum Schmunzeln und nachdenken.
61 x 19 x 15 cm
Euro 990,-

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Events & Anlässe

08. 11 2017:
C.U.Frank German Biennale of Art 2018 Krakow

The UTOPIA. NON-PLACE project is related to the idea of creative dialogue between artistic
circles from Poland and Germany. It assumes the presentation of works in the field of painting,
sculpture, photography, video and installations. The project promotes the activities of professors,
doctoral students, and also young, unknown artists which might helps them enter the space of
international artistic contacts, confronting their work with a recognized artistic and didactic
environment of art colleges from Poland and Germany.
The planned exhibition in its subject and character relates directly to the achievements
of Stanisław Lem, at the same time being a part of celebrating the birthday of the writer organized
by the Krakow City of Unesco Literature.

Opening: 5th May 2018 19:00

200th anniversary Of the Krakow Art Academy 2018
High5 (Skanska), Pawia Street
Krakow / Poland

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18. 05 2018:
Martina Etienne - Auf Reisen

Atelierausstellung von Martina Etienne mit neuen Arbeiten auf Papier.
17. Mai bis 23. Juni 2018

Galerie Martina Etienne
Ackerstrasse 201, 40235 Düsseldorf
+49 (0)211 684 857

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